Disability Insurance

Assuming a 5% increase in earnings each year, a physician grossing $84,000 from age 25 to age 65 would have earnings totaling $10,147,181.00

Disability insurance is the cornerstone to a good financial plan. Your greatest asset is your earning potential.

Disability products are not all created equal – options for coverage need to be reviewed by a professional. Group coverage can be inferior, and like everything else in this world, price and benefit have a direct correlation. Contact me to learn more about disability insurance and what it could mean for you.

Business Overhead Expense Disability Insurance

Business Overhead Disability Insurance provides an income to offset practice expenses during a period of disability:

  • Rent
  • Salary
  • Leases on equipment

If you are unable to work for an extended period of time, do you want to use your personal savings, or personal disability insurance benefits to help pay for practice expenses? We have seen practices with monthly overhead of over $40,000. A BOE policy, properly structured can offset those expenses for you.