Medical Residents

Your disability insurance benefits will end once you finish your residency. Learn about the benefits of applying for coverage while you are young and healthy.

All of the major insurance carriers offer discounts if coverage is applied for in residency. Secure the coverage while you are young, while you are healthy, and while discounts are still available. Right now, you have the opportunity to secure coverage at a very minimal rate and to increase that coverage overtime, proportionate to your rising income, regardless of your future health.

Generally speaking, insurance products offered through private insurance channels are superior to coverage offered through your association – the OMA. Learn more about the differences between private coverage and association (OMA) coverage.

A private insurance company can offer superior coverage

  • Non-cancellable coverage
  • Locked-in level premiums
  • Guaranteed contract wording
  • Individually owned policies
  • 24-hour coverage for total and partial disability
  • Worldwide portability with no mandatory tie to any association
  • Future Income Option (up to $25,000 monthly benefit with no evidence of health to keep pace with rising income)


“Medical school and residency are stressful times. Many life changing decisions are made throughout these years. Luckily a very important decision regarding insurance was made much easier. Dan MacLellan made the entire process straightforward, easy to understand and educational. He worked around my busy schedule and was flexible with times and meeting locations. I was so pleased with the service Dan provided I’ve recommended him to many colleagues who now work with him as well. I felt Dan truly gave me individualized service and had my best interests at heart. I will continue to recommend Dan for any insurance needs and am confident people will have the same experience which I had,”

— Dr. John Igoe, MD